"Small but very capable"

So small yet so capable. Compact Electric easily becomes the favourite piece of furniture in every workspace. Move it around, use it as a desk, podium or stand. Designed to be limitless.

Base Sizes
27.6*23.4* (29-47.4)"
Lowest height setting
Tallest height setting
  • Height-adjustable up to 19.7” range
  • Move around to any place needed 
  • Smooth adjustments
  • Single column professional design
  • Fits every space and usage
Warranty Info

5 Years International Warranty

Gas Spring

Up to 99 lbs lock weight
Up to 55 lbs up raising weight
Powered by our patented double motor lift (58W)
Height adjustment: 25mm/s, it is that brilliant
*Also available in Snap Version (no electricity): Compact Snap


32″ x 24″ (inches)

A variety of finishes are available. We highly recommend our powder coating selection for its overall quality and sustainability.
Powder Coating
Powder Coating
Stone Like


Become a Distributor

ERGOCHIEF® is continuously improving the lives of others by improving their workspaces. We believe that your workspace is supposed to improve your life not burn you out. We are looking for distributors who agree with our mission and wants to help us change the way workspace should be. Our growing distributors base is now open for application.
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